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Punjab cannibal curry, Indian men eating dug up corpses in curry.

April 6th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Weird News

Two Pakistani men have been arrested for allegedly digging up a 24-year-old woman’s corpse and eating her flesh in a curry.

A court in eastern Pakistan has extended the police custody of two brothers charged with cannibalism, officials say.

Arif Ali and Farman Ali were arrested earlier in the week. Police say they caught them making a meal of a corpse they had recently stolen from a grave.

The brothers’ alleged cannibalism was discovered after the body of a newly deceased woman was found to be missing from her grave in the city of Sargodha.

Her family then alerted the police.

The brothers, 40-year-old Muhammad Arif and Farman Ali, 37, are said to have cut the legs and feet from the body of Saira Parveen, a cancer victim, and cooked the flesh in a steel pot.

Some of the grisly dish had already been eaten when police raided the brothers’ home in a remote part of Punjab province.  The brothers had been eating corpses for at least a year, though other reports alleged that they had been eating human flesh for a decade.

Having also reportedly eaten dogs, the men are said to have taken up cannibalism as an act of “revenge” after their mother died and their wives left them.

Eating cancer patients is new.

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